About us

We want to transform the e-commerce space, erasing any geographical, logistic or communication limitations and therefore enabling efficient information flow between merchants, opinion leaders and communities across the globe.
Inclusive Community
We want to give a voice to everyone and help bring the best value to communities across the globe.
Our data-driven software eases the global communication between merchants and creators, generating custom solutions.
On our platform we are always growing our network of trusted allies and provide perfect opportunities for you, whatever you do.
Our Product
abComo is excited to announce our own platform - anyStarr that connects creators and merchants like never before.
There’s no formula for success. No matter how far you are in your journey, we cherish your growth and see your huge potential.
We want to be a part of your journey. Let us do the hard work and apply our unique solutions, crafted to maximise your influence, while you lay back, enjoy life and watch your community value and profit grow.